Дорогие друзья, стучится Новый год в окошки наши!

   В эти волшебные предновогодние дни хочется пожелать вам взрослого оптимизма и детской веры в то, что все с боем курантов сложится по-новому и самым удачным образом! Неважно, что оставляем мы в году уходящем: поблагодарим его за хорошее и оставим в прошлом плохое. Откроем белый, снежный, Новогодний чистый лист и напишем на нем все то, что хотим воплотить в своей судьбе. Пускай наступающий год принесет вам множество приятных открытий и новых интересных знакомств, пускай вас окружают лишь самые благородные, красивые и удачливые люди. Желаем чтоб сбывались мечты, а все начинания приносили свои плоды, чтобы на сердце было тепло, а душа радовалась чудесным моментам, которые ждут впереди.

   Желаем, чтобы это обязательно сбылось в Новом году!
НГ картинка

"VPS" Company" LLC traditionally supports celebration of Direct-Marketing Day in Ukraine

BUSINESS FORUM DMDAYS 2013 was held in restaurant complex "Monako", located in one of the most picturesque place of Kyiv, Landscape Alley, in June 7, 2013.

This year format of the event was completely renewed: there were no long reports and presentations, all conversations were held in dynamic mode with lively discussions between audience and market experts. 314 people took part in forum. 10 discussions were held in two stages. 64 experts took part in round table discussions.

VPS Company became a cosponsor of the event once again and was represented as outsourcing company (Fulfillment).

It bears reminding that "FULFILLMENT" for inside sales, e-commerce business is as follows:

- Warehouse logistics with safe custody of goods;

- Acceptance and processing of inside orders;

- Order batching with selection of optimal economic package of goods;

- Arrangement and delivery of goods:

-by postal service through Corporate Customer Service Center of Ukrainian State Enterprise of Post "Ukrpochta", located within enterprise,

- by commercial currier in any point of the country;

-Returns processing and provision of reporting documents.

VPS company also took part in round table conversation regarding "Warehouses, Fulfillment, Delivery", where Karpovets Andrei Jurievich, general director of holding "SIMPATIK Group" LLC, appeared as expert on behalf of the company.

It is worth to mention that VPS Company was the only participant that provides "Fulfillment" service for e-commerce business in Ukraine and rose through the rank from "in-house" business, when it used its own resources only for internal needs of holding, to large outsourcing company that is able to outsource companies that deal with inside sales.

Parties have decussated, among others, problems of storage and delivery of goods for Internet shops.

Andrei Yurievich has noticed the following during discussion of the issue regarding inability of companies, dealing with inside sales, to transfer logistical services for outsourcing:"Yes, such problem really exists. It is because the market is not mature enough to transfer logistical services for complete outsourcing. The main problem, preventing companies from use of outsourcing is a fear to provide own data bases to contractor, third party for processing.

Andrei Yurievich said, "Until company realizes all benefits from reasonable distribution of labor, calculates all savings from transfer of non-core services for their fulfillment by other companies, there will be no boost in inside sales".

Te main issue of the forum was development of the standards for service rendering and possible consolidations of the companies that deal in the same business in order to improve remote servicing of customers.


The VPS company has launched the automatic packaging line for written correspondence.

автоматическая линия 2

     With the new line launched, the VPS company (Ukrainian postal service) has significantly accelerated and reduced the cost of packing process of written correspondence.

     "To date, the machine packs more than 15,000 letters a day. The packaging process equipped with automatic line has increased productivity of letters and parcels packaging in 2.5 times, and most importantly ensured total confidentiality and efficiency of pre-postal processing, " - says the director, Silantieva L.N.

Let’s remind that prepostal precessing is a complex work required to fulfill customer’s order from receipt of materials to be mailed from the customer up to the shipment of finished items to the postal operator. It is the quality and timeliness of prepostal processing which determines professionalism of postal operator.

 Outsourced prepostal processing of written correspondence is the most commonly used by financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, debt collection agencies) and companies of distant selling.

"With the new automatic packing line for written correspondence launched, our company managed to reduce the cost of a simple letter packing by half for our customers," says the head of the commercial department, Elena Petina.

It is worth noting that the new “Cuvert” line of automatic packing of envelopes is equipped with a software of a german company MWT, which reduces the defects rate to 0.5%. This machine has been operated on the production line of VPS for over half a year and has already passed the stage of check-out and is used while processing customers’ orders at full capacity.

Поздравляем с весенним праздником 8 марта!

Вариант1 8 марта

Всех представительниц прекрасной половины человечества поздравляем с весенним праздником, с женским днем. Пусть озаряются лучезарными улыбками ваши лица, каждый день дарит добро, заботу и ласку.


Dear Partners The company "VPS" invites you to the international exhibition for Professionals RemaDays-Kiev 2013.



Printing, Publishing

Marketing, Advertising, PR



February 27 - 28 - from 10:00 to 17:00;

March 1 - from 10:00 to 16:00


International Exhibition Centre Brovarsky Avenue, 15


During this event the "Company" VPS "will present their advertising and information booth, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the service predpochtovoy processing of correspondence, such as:

  • with packing options differently and size of parcels, letters and parcels;
  • with various packaging and packaging products;
  • with the rules and procedures of processing address databases, and more.

Representatives of the online stores will be introduced to a revolutionary service for the Ukrainian market - Fulfillment.


We are waiting for you at the booth № L3
Organizer has scheduled a lottery with attractive prizes!
See you there!

Congratulations on your New Year holidays!

Открытка на сайт2

Journalists have traveled to the country of letters and parcels

In recent years, the postal services have experienced significant progress - automated production, a new modern equipment, new service offers. Along with these trends, the VPS company (Ukrainian postal service) organized a press tour to the production site.

During the press-tour the guests visited the main production areas:

• Department of letters and parcels packaging

• Department of valuable parcels and parcels packing to be sent by couriers

• Warehouse where goods are stored in terms of safekeeping

• Department of Transport Logistics

• Department of parcels packing.

• Department of Ukrposhta - TSOKK number 4, which is located on the territory of the VPS company

Mass media representatives got familiar with the packaging process of letters and parcels, quality control and safety system, and saw new equipment for the automation of manual labor in action, etc.

Among the new equipment, which a production of the VPS company is equipped with, is the following:

• packaging by GLUE-FOLDER inserting system - an equipment for non-converted mailing, which allows significant savings in post packaging;

• packaging in film by MAIL-BEG magazine packer - an equipment for packaging of printed materials (advertisements, CD-ROMs, etc.);

• heat sealing with silicone adhesive – the service is in great demand for sticking probes in advertising products.

And the main innovation of the VPS company is an automatic packaging line for envelopes. The performance of the line is more than 6000 packages per hour.

 During the press-tour there was also discussed the security and reliability issue of valuables and fragile cargo delivery. Employees of the VPS company in details demonstrated the correct process of packing the most valuable parcels (expensive machinery, electronics) and fragile goods (Christmas toys, perfumes, dishes).

According to Lyudmila Silantieva, the director of the VPS company, the market of postal services has experienced positive changes and growth. This is due to the fact that the various manufacturing and trading companies, as well as financial institutions that survived the economic crisis, again began to increase their strength to attract and retain customers. In particular, these companies take a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns, long-run loyalty programs for implementation of which they use the services of companies providing postal services.

In addition, the incentive to increase the volume of mails is the development of e-commerce - thus, for servicing online retailers the VPS company has recently organized a separate department for the packing of valuable consignments of goods.

In the post-briefing, which marked the end of the event, Ludmila Silanteva told about market trends in pre-post processing, as well as the interaction of commercial and government structures on the example of the VPS company and USEPC "Ukrposhta", department of which is located directly in the company’s premises. There was demonstrated the transfer of packed luggage from the VPS company to the compartment of "Ukrposhta", for further delivery to addressees.

In her turn, Elena Petina, the Head of Commercial Department of the VPS company, answered reporters' questions on personal data protection, advanced technologies that ensure the quality and reliability of the packaging, possible actions of the sender to control the delivery process and track the movement of the parcel.

On November 8, 2012 the "VPS Company" presented Fulfillment service on the 6th annual conference of the online retailers "Business 2012" in Kiev.

6th Conference of online retailers "Business 2012" is an event that annually brings together the best experts in the field of internet business, who can tell about the achievements and breakthroughs, share their experiences with colleagues, and simply communicate with partners.

This year's conference focused entirely on e-commerce and distance selling. During the day, the practitioners - the leaders of the online trade - were making presentations. All presented lectures were based on practical experience and were very informative.

In addition to reporting on the conference "Business 2012" there were presented promotional and informational booths of B2B suppliers. Logistical services were widely presented, and such companies as CAT, USEPC "Ukrposhta" , Nova Poshta, etc has introduced their booths.

The "VPS Company" has also introduced its booth, where representatives of online stores were able to get acquainted with the revolutionary for the Ukrainian market service – the Fulfillment.

Fulfillment service for online stores is a set of measures for the development of e-commerce, and it includes the following:

 -The creation of a major center for the storage of goods (warehouse logistics)

- Receiving and processing of orders,

- Providing customer support,

- Packaging and packing of goods,

- Delivery performance,

- Processing of returns.

The Head of Commercial Department of "VPS Company", Elena Petina, participated in a round table discussion on " Logistics for online retailers ". The round table discussion brought up issues of delivery service in Ukraine, how deliver services are ready for non-standard orders, etc.

       In particular, when asked about the feasibility of outsourcing of logistics services, Elena Petina said: "If you plan to develop your business and increase sales rate of the goods, the outsourcing of logistics services will allow to significantly cut your costs. And this is proved by the experience of major European e-commerce companies."


The 6th Annual Conference of online retailers "Business 2012" was organized by «OWOX» - a modern solutions and superior service for online retailers, customers and web-masters – and was held in the hotel "Rus", 4 Hospitalnaya Str., Kiev, Ukraine.

On September 25-28, 2012 the “VPS Company” participated in the “REX / T-REX 2012” exhibition in Kiev.

  «REX / T-REX» is one of the main advertising exhibitions in Ukraine – it covers developments and trends in the field of advertising, marketing and media.

  Audience of the «REX» exhibition consists primarily of employees in advertising, printing, as well as trade sphere.

  This year the number of visitors exceeded 12,000. Visitors and exhibitors among advertising experts were interested in new ways of business development, new ideas, opportunities and unusual ways to make themselves known.

  Within this event the "VPS Company" has presented its advertising and informational booth. The booth could get visitors acquainted with the service of pre-post processing of correspondence, namely, packing options for different sizes of packages, letters and parcels, and view a list of required supporting documents and various ways of packing and packaging of goods, as well as the rules and procedures of address databases processing. Most of the visitors were satisfied with the level of services and range of services for mail outsourcing that the "VPS Company" offers its customers.

  Since «REX» is, first and foremost, an exhibition of advertising and advertisers – the information on performance of special offer named "Collect & Win" service has become popular. All of the "Collect & Win" offers are similar by nature - their purpose is to increase the product demand, but at the same time all the programs vary in their form, structure, content - hence the different specific tasks are to be implemented by the " VPS Company".

  Ukrainian postal service was learned by more than 150 companies, including advertising agencies, such as «Vinnytsia advertising», «Dana», «Business Point», pharmaceutical companies, such as «Esparma», «Pharmunion», «FarKoS», stores networks, such as «MEGASPORT», «Fora», «EKO-market», «Billa-Ukraine», printing and publishing houses, such as «Publishing House «ECO-Inform», «Galitska Vidavnycha Spіlka «Vydavnytstvo «Geneza»; manufacturers, such as «Knauf Insulation Ukraine», «Pervomaysky MKK» and many others.

Most of the companies were interested in providing professional services of pre-post processing. Such companies as «Sova» Holding, «WISE» International Association of Entrepreneurs, «KlubOK» Internet project, «APIFITO pharm» pharmaceutical company, the «Mahle» company already examined the product deeply and in details, as well as pricing and discussed possible joint venture.

  «REX / T-REX 201» exhibition was organized by «Euroindex» company, and was held in the «KievExpoPlaza» center, at 2-B Salyutna Str, Kiev, 04111, Ukraine.

Mail Expo postponed indefinitely.

Distinguished guests exhibition forum Mail Expo!

Today it was announced that the event Mail Expo, which was scheduled for 23 - 25/10/12, postponed indefinitely.

Transfer due to the fact that the facilities of the Kiev Chamber of Commerce will be used for the election.

On behalf of the organizing committee we apologize. We hope for your understanding.

The new date of the event we will inform later.

All the speakers that have confirmed their participation in the conference will necessarily be involved in the following program.

Thank you!

The first exhibition Forum “MAIL Expo” is a forward step in the development of postal field in Ukraine

 Announcement in the press


On October 23–25, 2012 at the territory of Exhibition Center “KyivExpoPlaza” the first exhibition Forum “MAIL Expo” is to be held, that shall allow to coordinate efforts of state and private structures regarding improvement of postal communication in the country, to create effective interaction system between suppliers and users of postal services, to raise influence and enhance reputation of the postal field.

With the support of: Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts “Ukrposhta”; National board of state control in the field of communications and automation; “All-Ukrainian Postal Service”, Ltd.

Format of the event: specialized exhibition, forum, program of awarding colleagues in the field of the postal service on the occasion of professional holiday, presentations of enterprisers, oriented consultations and seminars. With such a format it appears to be a unique event in Ukraine dedicated exceptionally to matters of present state and development of postal field – subject that deserves separate and special attention.

Major theme chapters: Postal service enterprises (operators). Courier postal service. Prepayment agencies. Research and technology support of postal service development. Logistics for postal transportations. Warehousing and preparation of post cargos. Appliances, machines and equipment, consumable materials for postal service. Postal safety and control. Automation and computer integrated technologies for postal service system, software. ІТ – services. RFID - technologies. Service departments, technical service and repair centers. Labour safety technologies. Accounting and finance in postal service. Insurance. Specialized organizations, establishments, associations. State control for postal service activities. Mass Media, other specialized publications.


The program of business events of the exhibition forum


During the exhibition forum business-conferences on the following subjects shall be held:

-   “Postal service as viewed by the customer”, where safety matters for post shipping, delivery service, distance purchasing, and effective feedback of the postal operator etc. shall be considered.

-   “Postal services for business”, where standardization matters for postal management, innovative approaches in business, license trade for postal activity shall be considered

-   “Post services in the future”, where prospective matters for the development of field of postal services in Ukraine, implementation of new technologies and services shall be considered.

Over 10 service companies, representatives of Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts “Ukrposhta” and National board of control in the field of communications and automation will present their reports

Over 100 companies from various regions of Ukraine will participate in the forum.


Your enterprise is welcome to join our Forum-exhibition “MAIL Expo” and its associate events on October 23–25, 2012.


In case of interest, please, contact exhibits office of Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, phone. (044)235-82-91, fax: (044)482-02-97,


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For more information see web-site of Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry: #

“Postal services market for key business industries: situation and development prospective”

Dear colleagues,

You are welcome to join us at the round-table meeting:


“Postal services market for key business industries:

situation and development prospective”


 The event  shall take place on October 2, 2012 at 11.30 (Tuesday)

In the information agency UNIAN

at the address:  4 Kreshchatik street (conference-hall, 2nd floor).


During the press-event You would be able to hear opinions of experts on regards of the efficiency of use of postal services in various business fields, would be able to get comments of speakers for the matters that are of great interest to You (problems of Ukrainian postal field and problems solving methods, rational pattern for use of postal services in the business environment, in particular – in trade, banking business, etc.).


The matters to be discussed:


  1. Possibilities of using postal services in joint work with companies of various market fields
  2. Actuality of postal services for financial sector
  3. Modern technologies of postal service
  4. Postal service for Internet shops: a regular pattern or nonsense?
  5. New functions and postal services in Ukrainian business environment
  6. Is there any future for post support of banks, wireless phone companies and other companies in the market?

Experts in that field will answer these and other questions:


  • Andrey Khoroshevskij, acting manager of Kyiv city management for Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts "Ukrpochta";
  • Natalia Knyazeva, assistant manager of Kyiv city management for Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts "Ukrpochta";
  • Irina Lenyo, manager of DM-projects and programs. Expert in Ukrainian market of distant marketing (mailorder);
  • Liudmila Silantyevа, head of the company “All-Ukrainian postal service”;
  • Elena Petina, head of the department of commerce of the company “All-Ukrainian postal service”.

Please, confirm Your availability by 09-00, Tuesday,  October 02.
We will be glad to see You at our event!
Please, inform first, last and patronymic name of the company representative to be put on the registration list
via phone/fax:  495-22-93/90
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ladies and Gentlemen! The company

International   exhibition ХVI



Timing: September 25 — 28.

Location: exhibition center “KyivExpoPlaza” (2-B Salutnaya street, Kyiv).

Operation of an exhibition

September 25 — 28 from 10.00 to 18.00. Attendance is not allowed after 17.30.

Transportation from metro station “Nivki” to stop “Salutnaya street”:

  • mini bus N 410,451, 455, 465, 501, 575
  • trolleybus N 5, 26
  • bus N 14, 23, 32

You will be offered:

 - Market new developments from over 200 companies.

- 120 hours of conferences, seminars, master-classes at REX University.

- Communication with colleagues from all corners of Ukraine and CIS.

- Vivid impressions and loads of positive energy.

See you soon!

International specialized exhibition XVIII “PRINTING PRODUCTION-2012”

Dear sirs !

Company “All-Ukrainian Postal Service”

is glad to invite You to attend the exposition stand of our company within the International specialized exhibition XVIII ”PRINTING PRODUCTION-2012”


The exhibition shall be held on September 18-21, National complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” (Exhibition of Economic achievements (VDNH))

at the address: 1 Glushkova prospekt, city of Kyiv, МСП 03680, Ukraine (metro station "Exhibition center")


Within the exhibition You may attend the following specialized  expositions:

“BUMAGA -2012” – (paper) polygraph, news-print, text-weight, non-printing;
“DIGIDRUK-2012” -
exposition  digital technologies for publishing and printing and  advertising business;
“PAKUKRAINA-2012” – packing, boxing materials, technologies and equipment for their manufacturing, packing and advertising printing, industrial and souvenir packaging, marking equipment and materials;

“ETIKETKA – 2012” – printing equipment and modern technologies for labels products manufacturing, consumable items for labels production manufacturing (paper, cardboard, polymer films, foil, printing inks, etc.)



Organizer – National complex “EXPOCENTER OF UKRAINE”

Support of State television and radio broadcasting committee of Ukraine,

Department of  trade and economic development of Ukraine,

Government agencies of Ukraine on state corporate law and property control;

Ukrainian Association of printed items manufacturers.


Exhibition entrance is free of charge!

See you there!