"VPS" Company" LLC traditionally supports celebration of Direct-Marketing Day in Ukraine

BUSINESS FORUM DMDAYS 2013 was held in restaurant complex "Monako", located in one of the most picturesque place of Kyiv, Landscape Alley, in June 7, 2013.

This year format of the event was completely renewed: there were no long reports and presentations, all conversations were held in dynamic mode with lively discussions between audience and market experts. 314 people took part in forum. 10 discussions were held in two stages. 64 experts took part in round table discussions.

VPS Company became a cosponsor of the event once again and was represented as outsourcing company (Fulfillment).

It bears reminding that "FULFILLMENT" for inside sales, e-commerce business is as follows:

- Warehouse logistics with safe custody of goods;

- Acceptance and processing of inside orders;

- Order batching with selection of optimal economic package of goods;

- Arrangement and delivery of goods:

-by postal service through Corporate Customer Service Center of Ukrainian State Enterprise of Post "Ukrpochta", located within enterprise,

- by commercial currier in any point of the country;

-Returns processing and provision of reporting documents.

VPS company also took part in round table conversation regarding "Warehouses, Fulfillment, Delivery", where Karpovets Andrei Jurievich, general director of holding "SIMPATIK Group" LLC, appeared as expert on behalf of the company.

It is worth to mention that VPS Company was the only participant that provides "Fulfillment" service for e-commerce business in Ukraine and rose through the rank from "in-house" business, when it used its own resources only for internal needs of holding, to large outsourcing company that is able to outsource companies that deal with inside sales.

Parties have decussated, among others, problems of storage and delivery of goods for Internet shops.

Andrei Yurievich has noticed the following during discussion of the issue regarding inability of companies, dealing with inside sales, to transfer logistical services for outsourcing:"Yes, such problem really exists. It is because the market is not mature enough to transfer logistical services for complete outsourcing. The main problem, preventing companies from use of outsourcing is a fear to provide own data bases to contractor, third party for processing.

Andrei Yurievich said, "Until company realizes all benefits from reasonable distribution of labor, calculates all savings from transfer of non-core services for their fulfillment by other companies, there will be no boost in inside sales".

Te main issue of the forum was development of the standards for service rendering and possible consolidations of the companies that deal in the same business in order to improve remote servicing of customers.