About the company

“The company “All Ukrainian Postal Service” is a modern complete cycle postal enterprise, which specializes in pre-and post-postal processing of corporate mail.

The company provides comprehensive services of individual and industrial packing. Postal services, posting letters, packets, parcels, waging direct mailing campaigns and direct marketing are the main specialization of the company. Our practical experience of successful work in the postal services market has over 7 years! Production capacity and professional team can perform both standard postal transactions and complex task.

The years of successful work in the postal market have led to a professional level and significantly expanded the range of services provided by the company. We continue to rapidly evolve and grow. Experience allows us to qualitatively and quickly perform any complex task.

Packing and posting thousands of letters and parcels is an easy thing for us!

Sending mail, parcels, high value goods, souvenirs, supporting direct mailing projects, etc. is the work, which fills every day with fun and professional success!


For many years, our regular clients have been such companies as the





Company’s capacity

At present, our company has all the necessary conditions and production capacity:

  • on-site production and packing base in the Kiev with the area of 4200m²
  • specialized software
  • multi-functional printing equipment
  • multi-level control of processing of letters and parcels in all phases

The long-term partnership with the UPCPS “Ukrposhta” and the opening of the post office # 72 at the production site allows the company to send the mail in the shortest possible time.

Corporate value

High quality service and work performance

Reasonable prices

Compliance with target dates for order processing

The main goal - is to meet the needs of the client, providing a wide range of services and support the high quality of work performed.

“The company “All Ukrainian Postal Service” is committed to responsible and open partnership with receivers of their services, as well as strict but fair rules of fighting with the competitors.

We understand that starting to work with our company, we become a link in the supply chain of our partner and we have no right to fail.

We believe that honest and open relationship will build and develop our company.